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Problem: Winstitch will not start
Cause:    Avast Virus Checker tries to locate our app in its database of known apps, but as yet not enough Avast users have also installed Winstitch, so it blocks. Even though it will happily tell you there is no threat or virus in the app.
Solution:  Untick Reputation Services, or use a different virus checker.
Cause2:   Virus Checker blocks access to a file saved using the demo, at startup
Solution:  Open the My Documents folder, find ‘winstitch/sample files’, and drag one of the sample files onto the winstitch icon. That skips the file recovery process.

MacStitch 2015 under ElCapitan
Problem: Crash when closing
Cause:    ElCapitan introduced a small issue that causes the app to report a crash if it is closed while still in ‘full screen’ mode.
Solution:  Minimise window before closing the app, or update to latest version.
Problem: Program will not go ‘full screen’
Cause:    Due to El Capitan issues, we have disabled full screen from March 2016.
Solution:  None.. this is now intentional, but the program will run at the full size of the screen while keeping the toolbar visible.

MacStitch 2012 / 2013
Problem: Menu use slows to a crawl after you install OSX Mavericks
Cause:    On some machines, the menus get very slow after a while. This is due to a change in the way OSX allows access to file preview images and the frequency it refreshes menu items
Solution:  Upgrade to Macstitch 2016 which is compatible with Mavericks. Earlier versions were not designed or tested with Mavericks.
Obviously, there are much later OSX versions available now, so if you have those, best upgrade to the 2017 edition.