We've been working really hard for the last few months, adding new features, smoothing out bugs, speeding up things, and we are delighted to be able to tell you about the 2022 edition of WinStitch.

Dark Mode in Windows If your screen is set up to use a dark color scheme, the app will adapt to dark theme. In preferences, there is an option to force this, and an option to ignore it. :)

Revised Toolbar As you can see, we have  increased the size of toolbar icons, to aid readability. The color of these icons can be changed to any color you like.
Half Stitches By request, we have added the type of 'half stitch' which looks like a tent stitch/Gobelin stitch.
..and you can flood fill an area with these stitch types too, if you want to turn an existing block of color into this stitch type.



Importing: Transparent PNGs are now respected - if a pixel is transparent, no stitch is generated. (unless you apply a different mask manually)
Import Screen is resizable Import screen and preview screen now combined.
Added ability to suggest colors on Import screen  ..this allows people to tweak/change the colors that will be used, and omit unwanted ones Can automatically invent blends  using the 'suggest colors' button. Importing using a blend does not 'use up' one of the maximum colors. (if you say 'no more than 30 colors', then you can end up with 35 palette entries if you also include blends of some of the 30)
Added Mosaic annotations: A,B,X,+, SC and CH  to illustrate crochet diagrams Added Info and Alert annotations  which can draw attention to chart areas.. (not stitches, but insertable images ..these are not rotatable or flippable)pastedGraphic

Extra grid line type , which can be set to a variety of frequencies (usually would be between thick and thin)
and there is a
new setting (Thicker Grid lines) that will make the grid lines thicker when you zoom in (currently they are always 1 pixel wide, but with this setting they will be 2 , or 3 pixels wide if space allows)

Text Layers 

As well as layers of stitches, and inserted images, you can now insert a text layer, using any font installed on your machine, in any color. The size of the letters is expressed in terms of 'stitches'.
You can independently save these layers for later re-use.
You can now 
centre layers  using the 'center' tool, second from the right. You can now Convert Image Layers into stitches. using the 'camera' tool, second from the left - an image layer will be converted into stitches at the current location, using colors that already exist in the palette.

Palette is now formed of resizable columns , and shows colorways as well as original colors
From left to right, you see:
  • Color of the thread.
    The way it is currently shown in the grid (symbol/stitches etc)
    Symbol allocated
    Stitch Count
    Alternate color (for printing)
    3 Colorways
  • pastedGraphic

Right-click menu options for backstitch When you right click on a line of backstitch while in 'backstitch mode', a popup menu will now appear (previously it would delete the stitch)
When placing backstitch, a
small red dot shows where the backstitch will begin when you click.