Free Downloads Page Pattern Viewers, and Free Charts

Free Patterns, new Threads, etc
To use the charts, you will need our demo version/pattern viewer. Links to download these are below.

MacStitch and WinStitch demos also allow you to open, view and print PCStitch patterns up to version 7

Free Cross Stitch Charts:
All these charts are free to download, and for use in any of our current programs: just download the demo for your machine, and you can open these and print them any way you like.
Feeling generous? We’d love to give away more.. If you have a chart you’ld like to share, send us an email (see below) and we’ll put it up on the site.
Got some really good charts and want to sell them? Send us an email and we’ll sell them from here for you.

Extra Thread definitions:

(To install: unzip , and place the ???.threads files into your threads folder.
MacStitch .. this is Documents/macstitch/Threads
Winstitch .. this is My Documents/WinStitch/Threads

DMC (revised 2017 to include 01 to 35)
Note: Colors 1 to 35 are only available in certain parts of the world. If you or your customers cannot buy these, we recommend that you do not install this larger range, or that you use the ‘discontinued threads’ option in the 2017 editions onwards, to prevent them being used for image import)

GOGO Cross Stitch App threads.

Various Extras
(includes Extra Anchor,DMC Light Effects,Eliz Bradley (old),Simply Shaker, Red Heart,Retors du Nord,YLI silks)

Free Motifs:

8 Quaker Motifs
(To install: unzip , and place the quaker folder in your motifs folder.
MacStitch .. this is Documents/macstitch/motifs
Winstitch .. this is My Documents/WinStitch/motifs