Cross Stitch 2 Go
for iPads.

A new app for the iPad or iPhone, from Ursa Software (More devices planned!)
The easy, affordable way to create cross stitch patterns wherever you are.

  • Design on screen in simulated stitches, or in symbol view.
  • Stitch straight from the screen, with on-screen highlighting so that you know which parts are completed.
  • Save your work as you go.
  • Optional add-on program for Mac or Windows: Convert your design into a PDF file for publishing to the web.
  • Charts can be opened in MacStitch or WinStitch 2012 (v7.2 onwards) for more work.
  • Online library of free designs: contribute your own, and help us build up a free pattern library for everyone!

You can read the manual by clicking here:

Stash option

Fabric size calculator

Speedy navigator

What is it all about?

Cross Stitch 2 Go is a portable design tool for creating your own cross stitch charts / motifs, and ideas.
Its also an alternative to having sheets of paper while stitching, if you own an iPad you can work from the screen easily.

It’s not intended to be a cross stitch design library: (there are many books available for that), but the free downloadable designs will build up a library over time. And it isn’t the full-on professional design package that you would expect on your desktop, but thats why it’s 1/ 6 of the price. :)

You can design in colour or in black and white symbols.
Then, when it’s time to stitch, you can switch to ‘markup mode’, and mark squares on screen as you stitch the design: no more paper needed!
The app ships with the current set of DMC thread definitions, as the most popular thread manufacturers around. (Most other makers will supply conversion charts on demand, or on the internet)

“Great little app to follow your own cross stitch patterns on the iPad, without the need for paper.
Probably better for simple designs, as we are waiting for a pinch zoom and scroll function update.
The colour/thread charts are great, and so customisable. It's a great idea for everyone to share their patterns. *****” - E.T.

This is a cool app, and with a little feedback from users, I think they can make this really useful. It basically allows you to draw on a grid and it turns it into a cross stitch chart. You can draw using the colours themselves, or symbols, and switch between them when you’re done. You can do whole stitches, half or quarter. You can do backstitching… and you can use all DMC colours. You can zoom in and out, and they plan to have a gallery of patterns.. available .. once they get rolling.
**** Avatra
I love this app! - ★★★★★
by Leyla-87 - Version 1.21 - Apr 16, 2012
I've been designing my own designs for years on graph paper and was so happy to find an app that can replace all the bits of graph paper. This app is excellent, very easy to use, great for designing new designs. Definitely the best app out there for designing, well worth the money.

Selling your work, or printing for your own use:

If you do want to sell your work, or want a hard copy printout, you will need to own ‘Cross Stitch 2 Go’ , plus a full or demo copy of MacStitch or Winstitch from version 7.1 or later.
Or you can use the free XS2GO_PDF utility which simply opens the XS2GO charts, and lets you print or save to PDF in the same manner as MacStitch or WinStitch.
Again, with the emphasis on simplicity!

Utility available for free download here:
Mac Version Windows Version

(note: this is an add-on for the iPad app, it is not the app itself - that is only available through the App Store)