The things people say...

Hi Just to say brilliant and big thank you. 8 new charts with (the 2019 edition) and it's so great to work with Jeff. Thanks thanks and very happy customers yay!

Nick and Max 

Thanks for working on this so quickly and for the immediate response! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I really appreciate the suggestions for making the printed pattern I have work for me. This is absolutely the best customer service I've ever received from anywhere. If I can leave feedback for your supervisor for anything (if you have one and if they care about that sort of thing) please let me know. I hope you have a nice day!

I love this program and I really really appreciate being able to search for symbols now! I run a fb group with nearly 30,000 members and rave about your program :) I plan to post a tutorial video soon for my members. The searchable feature now makes it a complete sell. Thank you again. Makes stitching enjoyable :)

By the way,  I really do like this program and each year you make it better.  I am so glad I have the update service.

Currently I am working on charts for my Embroiderer’s Guild Chapter to use when we do a sampler program for the upcoming year.  It is so easy to make changes and corrections.  The more I use it, the more I like it.
And lastly, I so appreciate it that is for Macs.  I love my MacMini and this program works seamlessly on the Mac.
Martha L, Iowa

Thank you so much for these updates! It will save me so much time designing alternate color keys and saving multiple PDFs for both color and black/white symbols. Really appreciate all that you do to keep the software evolving! A.G.

You rock! I've been using this software since 2007. A.T.

A healthy business thanks to Ursa software “Mac stitch” . Professional and easy of use with consistent stability you expect when working every day creating custom large charts for our customers. Jeff the developer of the software is always on hand to assist and the updates to make the software progressive and relevant, this is an exciting aspect and adds confidence in the company. 10 + guys, thanks for the partnership absolutely great software = the best opportunities for creators in business. Ultimately our happy customers, thanks Ladies. 

WinStitch is an incredibly versatile software program.  It is on par with any of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs.  Thanks for making it available to the world!

"First of all I want to thank you for your quick reply.
 I got it fixed, it
was the issue with my Windows Virus Protection.
Thank you so much for your help.
 Also wanted to let you know that I “LOVE” the software. I used to use the PC Stitch 11, which doesn’t come close to Winstitch 2018.

I cannot believe the amount of work you have put into this new version..everything I asked for
and some things I had not thought of. Thanks again
Jill K.

That's awesome! You totally solved 3 of my problems in just a few hours, and I only expected one of them to be solved...if I was lucky, within a week or so.  
Excellent customer service!  ... 
If you don't own the company tell them I said you deserve a raise! :) Thanks again for all your help!  

Sherry B.

Love your attentiveness in all the updates! It's a great program, indispensible.

my customers are loving the variety and amount of projects that I have offered for sale.

Unbelievably good customer service!
I wish all software people reacted to problems as quickly!
B. T.

For years I used to design my patterns purely by hand in Adobe Flash, which looked great
but was such a tremendously time consuming thing to do.
Then I found MacStitch and I have to say it makes really beautiful charts. Graaf

Many thanks, I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly and for your advice.  This is a very powerful program!
G. D.

I emailed #### to ask about the problem and haven’t heard from them
(I called but ### didn’t know & said I would have to email #### support)
so I am very pleased with your customer service. 
I will probably be going with the premium software.

I would like to add that I think your service has been excellent
and I am delighted with the program. You may quote me on that, too, if you like. 
Kind regards from a very happy customer.

Lilian Kok

Thank you - you have saved me a lot of effort! 
If you ever decide to put testimonials on your website
to sell this programme, please take one from me -
I have a LOT to say about your customer service!
Alex DeRobertis

Thanks once again for answering so quickly - I'll certainly recommend your company 
for product AND service.

Vicki C

Just wanted to say again how much I *LOVE* Macstitch. You've really
captured all the stuff that dedicated cross-stitchers need.
I've just finished stitching a pattern I made from a Gary Larson
cartoon, which was most entertaining.
-- Meredith Chesterton

I have been working with the app for days.. everything is amazing..Thank You
- Steve Rousseau

Love the new bits- the brush especially..
- Julie King

You have put in an incredible amount of work for this new version. I love the new PDF export option!
- Janice Green

"Why aren't you charging hundreds of dollars like the others?"
- Michael Wentworth

This has saved me so much time: my friend found you for me and she was recommended by someone else!

(Have I mentioned that I LOVE THIS PROGRAMME????? It gives me many hours of
pleasure - I can't tell you...)
Meredith Chesterton (some months later..)

Thanks so much! I look forward to getting the 2009 version - please put me high on the mailing list! I LOVE the 2008 program, and plan to be using it every day that my back allows me out of bed. I have already told my crafty friends about it, and I am sure you will be getting a few orders from my recommendations soon once they get out of Christmas financial purgatory! Thanks again - it is fabulous to find a software designer who personally and quickly answers enquiries!

Thanks ever so much for updating your program
.. so quickly .. the printout is fantastic, as is the program.
Many congratulations on creating such a great
program for such a small amount of money.

"...thank you for the help you gave me in getting started .. it has given me many hours of pleasure and I really enjoy using it ...I can't draw to save my life.. very pleased with the results. The only problem is now I have to find time to sew them..."

"...Neil, who knows a great deal about computers, thought it an excellent program. I, who am a complete computer dummy, found it very easy to use, and absolutely fascinating. All I need now is the time!"